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Educational Research Advisory Panel

The Educational Research Advisory Panel members provide assistance to MCERA staff on educational issues. The Advisory Panel is comprised of eminent educational researchers who are appointed by the Board of Directors.

Current members of the Advisory Panel are:

Associate Professor Catherine Attard
Western Sydney University

Professor Sue Bennett
Secretary of the New South Wales Council of Deans of Education

Professor Amanda Berry
Monash University

Professor Kim Beswick
UNSW Sydney

Associate Professor Kerry Bissaker
Flinders University

Professor Jeff Brooks
Curtin University

Professor Tracey Bunda
Australian Association for Research in Education

Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles
Southern Cross University

Professor Susan Danby
Queensland University of Technology

Professor Kathryn Holmes
Western Sydney University

Associate Professor Jane Hunter
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Associate Professor Matthew Kearney
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Professor Alex Kostogriz
Monash University

Associate Professor Simon Leonard
University of South Australia

Associate Professor Amy MacDonald
Charles Sturt University

Professor Martin Mills
Past President, Australian Association for Research in Education

Professor Julianne Moss
Deakin University

Associate Professor Karen Murcia
Curtin University

Associate Professor Shane Pill
Flinders University

Professor Andrea Reupert
Monash University

Professor Mary Ryan
Australian Catholic University

Professor Sam Sellar
University of South Australia

Professor Neil Selwyn
Monash University

Associate Professor Maryanne Theobald
Centre for the Digital Child

Professor Pat Thompson
University of Nottingham

Professor Annette Woods
Immediate Past President, Australian Association for Research in Education