The Media Centre for Education Research Australia (MCERA) is an independent and not-for-profit organisation. We help education journalists back their reporting with high quality research and expertise and help education experts share their knowledge with the wider public.

Education is central to the wellbeing of 21st century Australia. Our educational institutions are crucial to preparing children, young people and adults for their roles as citizens, workers, family, and community members. As such, it is essential that educational practice and policy-making be informed by engagement with high quality research.

By empowering the public with accurate knowledge of education issues, we contribute to better policy-making, to greater understanding between students, parents and educators, and to a brighter future for all Australians

Volunteering with MCERA is an opportunity to advance education in Australia by better informing the public. In doing so, you will improve your own professional skills. If you have strong writing skills and an interest in such fields as journalism, education, media relations, marketing, or public policy, we encourage you to get in touch with us at to discuss current volunteering opportunities.


MCERA has no current job openings, please check back later.