Since commencing operation in February 2017, MCERA has rapidly established itself as an important conduit between leading education research and Australia’s mainstream media, facilitating evidenced-informed stories across all states, and across print, broadcast, and online outlets.

We have assisted journalists with research-informed reporting at such outlets as The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Adelaide Advertiser, The Courier Mail, The Australian Financial Review, the West Australian, ABC Radio National, Triple J, Channel 9, Channel 10, Seven News, ABC News, and numerous others.

“MCERA plays an enormously valuable role in brokering the relationship between researchers and journalists for the field of education. This is a great service carried out by the team at MCERA in ways that are both helpful and highly professional.”

Professor from University of Newcastle

By making the best research in education more accessible to millions of Australians, we empower the public to make more informed judgements on education issues.