“MCERA plays an enormously valuable role in brokering the relationship between researchers and journalists for the field of education. This is a great service carried out by the team at MCERA in ways that are both helpful and highly professional.”
–Laureate Professor Jenny Gore, University of Newcastle
January 2021

"MCERA has played an important role in helping me communicate the results of my research to the wider public. They have assisted me in making sure that my ideas are translated into a language that everyone can understand. Because of this media exposure, my research has been picked up by radio followed by an article in an online magazine for education professionals. Scott and Shannon have given great advice and have been very supportive throughout the process. I look forward to working with the MCERA team again in the future."
–Dr Rhoda Abadia, UniSA
December 2020

"It has been very easy and constructive to work with Shannon Schedlich (CEO) and Scott Arthurson (Media Manager) at the Australian Media Centre for Education Research (MCERA) the last years – their expertise and experience in helping to ‘translate’ core research findings into forms of message that are publicly engaging while scientifically rigorous, has been very helpful to me personally, and several colleagues."
–Professor Helen Watt, University of Sydney
December 2020

"As a busy academic, it was magnificent working with Scott Arthurson and the team from MCERA. Not only were our research findings disseminated to the wider public, but Scott facilitated the process in a timely, professional and streamlined fashion. I look forward to working with the MCERA team again in the future."
–Dr Narelle Eather, University of Newcastle
December 2020

"As a long term researcher in education in schools, it is of immense benefit to get first rate assistance in communicating my work to the media in a manner that is easy to read rather than (for many) off-puttingly academic, yet accurate as well as engaging. I thoroughly commend this service."
–Professor Ken Rigby, UniSA
August 2020

"Working with Scott Arthurson from MCERA has been both a pleasant and professional experience. MCERA play an important role in helping education academics translate their big ideas into language that is accessible to the public, and recognising the importance of research in education for a wide audience. Recognition of the importance of research in this way build's impact of the important work of academics. I highly recommend collaborating with MCERA."
–Dr Elizabeth Rouse, Deakin University
July 2020

"As an early career researcher MCERA has been brilliant in connecting me with opportunities to share my research and build my profile. The expert advice and support from Scott and the team has really helped me to understand the requirements and opportunities of different media requests. I would not hesitate to recommend that researchers connect with MCERA as they provide a vital resource for us to amplify our work and connect with the community through the media."
–Dr Fiona Longmuir, Monash University
April 2020

"As education researchers, it is imperative that we look for ways to share important research findings with the wider public. MCERA plays an important role in making sure research is made available and accessible to the public by linking researchers with media professionals. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to discuss recent educational research findings on a radio news show. I look forward to working with Scott and the MCERA team again in the future."
–Dr Erin Leif, Monash University
April 2020

"Working with MCERA was a quick and effective way to gain visibility as an educational researcher. They take care of the practicalities and have extensive networks in the mainstream media industry."
–Dr Carlo Perrota, Monash University
April 2020

"Working with Scott and the MCERA team was a very positive experience. They were efficient, open to our input, and skilful in finding a way to directly communicate key aspects of our study in terms that were accessible to a broader audience"
–Dr James Russo, Monash University
April 2020

"Working with the MCERA team to disseminate my research findings about OCED-PISA results and regional disparities in education to the public through the media was an incredible experience. The research findings attracted great attention after the shock PISA 2019 Australian results. The timely communication support provided by Scott Arthurson was excellent.”
–Dr Philip Wing Keung Chan, Monash University
April 2020

“For those of us immersed in the academic world with its definitions and scientific lingo, it is a relief to know that MCERA staff are available to promote our research and share it with the broader community. It was a pleasure working with Scott and Ben. They listened intently and sought to fully understand the research topic by asking intelligent questions and engaging in open-minded discussion. It was clear their aim was to present the research in manner that would spark the interest of readers, yet not distort or sensationalise the findings. Scott's knowledge of suitable news outlets demonstrated his professionalism and expertise in understanding the wider public audience and how to translate and disseminate research to them. MCERA is an effective and expert conduit between researchers and the public.”
–Dr Grace Skrzypiec, Flinders University
March 2020

“I have found MCERA to be super efficient to work with - they provide lots of opportunities to comment on current issues relevant to the researcher's portfolio. They are very respectful of the needs of researchers, going to efforts to make sure that researchers aren't represented out of context or in a way that wasn't otherwise intended.”
Associate Professor Matt Bower, Macquarie University
February 2020

“Working with MCERA has been a great experience. This partnership helped to ensure that the integrity of my core findings were safeguarded and not skewed by external journalistic flair. This was greatly appreciated.”
–Dr Kevin McGrath, Macquarie University
February 2020

“It has been a rewarding and insightful experience working with MCERA – and particularly with Scott Arthurson – on several initiatives. I was provided with sound advice about how to frame STEM Education articles related to my research and areas of expertise for different audiences and how to respond to ‘tricky’ questions during interviews. MCERA provide a unique service for education researchers and are experts in the field. I highly recommend their services and networks.
–Dr Anne Forbes, Macquarie University

February 2020

"Scott Arthurson and the MCERA team have been a joy to work with in disseminating our educational research to the media. They have helped craft media releases, worked with our own media experts at Macquarie to ensure a collaborative and impactful approach, and advised about any sensitivities to on the lookout for when dealing with particularly hot topics. They also have brought forward opportunities I otherwise would not have known about (I think I must be on ABC's speed dial by now!). This is win-win-win: good for educational researchers to have additional mechanisms in disseminating new findings, good for the university system to show the value of publicly funded research institutions, and good for the general public to have access to the kinds of evidence that can support children's learning and development. “
–Associate Professor Penny Van Bergen, Macquarie University
February 2020

"It has been a pleasure working with Scott and MCERA promoting my research to the public through the media. MCERA helped craft my educational research and messages into media savvy formats with targeted releases. This collaboration has been valuable and instrumental in enhancing the impact of my research. I look forward to ongoing collaborations!"
–Associate Professor Laura Scholes, Australian Catholic University
October 2019

“I found Scott Arthurson to be very professional, and the media release he wrote to be very accurate. Scott provided exceptional support particularly as he was liaising with several people. I would recommend him and the service MCERA provides.”
–Dr Lindy Baxter, La Trobe University
October 2019

"Thanks Scott and the MCERA team for generating an opportunity for those of us in teacher education to talk about the complexities of preparing graduates to manage the growing diversity of students in schools. Your support in preparing us for the [media briefing] session was excellent and the ability to draw on teacher education academics from across Australia provided a credible source for many to draw on in reporting on this area. I noted the wide range of professionals participating in the webinar and appreciated the question posed. Your work is important in keeping the complexities of teacher education at the forefront of the media and I look forward to ongoing opportunities to work with you."
Associate Professor Kerry Bissaker, Flinders University
September 2019

"The team at MCERA were incredibly helpful in guiding me to get my research findings into the public media. They were very skilled at shaping the message for the print media and locating outlets for dissemination. They also gave invaluable advice for being interviewed by journalists. A genuine pleasure to work with!"
–Dr Kate De Bruin, Monash University
September 2019

"In this post-modern era, MCERA are the no-frills, cut-through approach to public intellectualism. They are the journalistic voice and scholarly conduit to amplify both the impact and reach of the academy. MCERA are the megaphone to help make public our publications and help facilitate informed responses to educational debate in Australia. I view MCERA as a major asset to the national research community by disseminating research into the public arena. Scott works tirelessly to co-create a media release which distils the salient points of the research message. I learned to refine the key points and communicate effectively the key takeaways from my research. MCERA also offers invaluable media training and professional preparation, such as how to navigate 'curly’ questions which may arise during their media outreach. My research has been discussed in mainstream media, such as TV, radio, and print, and has also led to requests for follow-up opinion pieces. It was a positive experience, both professionally and personally. I cannot thank Scott and the MCERA team enough and they represent the touchstone to the modern academy for their mentoring and support."
–Professor Tonia Gray, Western Sydney University
September 2019

"MCERA provides proactive and relevant connections to education media sources throughout Australia and beyond. With the plethora of issues surrounding the education sector, MCERA has become an indispensable link connecting the media to experts beyond the fake news rhetoric of the blogosphere and the political spin that often clouds the research or the options that exist to improve society through educational opportunity."
–Professor John Fischetti, University of Newcastle
August 2019

"The team at MCERA were very professional to work with and kept me informed every step of the way – from developing the media release to contacting media outlets. This gave me a sense of control over how and where my research would be promoted, without me having to spend too much time on the process itself. I really appreciated the time Scott spent with me to practice my interviewing skills too. This really enhanced my confidence when speaking to journalists."
–Dr Tracii Ryan, Monash University
June 2019

"Working with Scott Arthurson from MCERA on a NAPLAN story was both a pleasant and professional experience. MCERA play an important role in helping education academics translate their big ideas into language that is accessible to the public. This support and translation process improves the impact and reach of research in education. I highly recommend collaborating with MCERA,"
–Dr Judy Rose, Griffith University
May 2019

"The assistance and service provided by MCERA to disseminate and engage the media with my first research publication has been invaluable. They were able to translate complex research into a highly accessible form that was easy for the general public to comprehend. They liaised well with the university media unit, and provided me with useful advice around communicating with a range of media types. Most notably, they organised an exclusive for my research to be covered by a major syndicated newspaper, as well as distributing its release to a national and international network of media organisations. I can say with great confidence that MCERA’s support is responsible for much of the media interest I have recently received."
–Jamie Manolev, PhD Candidate, University of South Australia
February 2019

"MCERA has greatly helped us to promote our research beyond the world of academia. We have attracted substantial national media attention following their development and circulation of targeted media releases. MCERA provides a valuable role in enabling research findings to be communicated to the broader public, and to influence policy and practice."
–Associate Professor Andrew Harvey, La Trobe University
January 2019

"Working with MCERA was a great experience for me. My research was discussed in different print media. Being an Early Career Researcher, it was so motivating and inspiring to realise the difference a media release can make to the reach of my research. Scott was a great help in developing the media release and distributing to a number of potential media outlets. His support and constructive suggestions helped me come out of my comfort zone and consider different media outlets to share my research in meaningful ways."
–Dr Sindu George, Monash University
January 2019

“Working with MCERA was a rewarding experience. Within a short period of time, MCERA helped me access media outlets that put a spotlight on my work. I am convinced that the strategic position of MCERA between educational researchers and the media is instrumental in enhancing the impact our research."
–Dr Tebeje Molla, Deakin University
November 2018

“I have found working with MCERA to be the best media experience I have had so far. It was a really helpful and positive process. I think this was due to the genuine partnership that developed working together so that the piece reflected my actual research findings without creating too strong a statement that could be blown out of proportion. This is important when we are working in areas like mindfulness, in which our research might challenge and confront existing beliefs!”
–Dr Leigh Burrows, Flinders University
August 2018

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for the work you have put in with getting our research into the media. The tips you gave me were very valuable for talking on radio and TV – it has been a great learning experience."
–Karyn Carson, Flinders University
August 2018

“The individualised report MCERA provided was incredibly insightful, and it was helpful to see the impact of the media release. Working with them helped me to share accurate information about mental health with the public.”
–Dr Christine Grove, Monash University
August 2018

“Working with MCERA could not have been easier. They were responsive, engaged and interested in the work they were disseminating on my behalf. They were quick to take any opportunity to highlight the work and were great at feeding back to those of us on the project, any media take-up of our findings.”
–Associate Professor Nik Taylor, Flinders University
July 2018

"Over the years I have found that one of the most challenging tasks as a researcher is to confidently present my work via the printed or electronic media but of late this task has been made considerably easier through my collaboration with MCERA. I have found that MCERA has really assisted me in finding the 'story' to be told in my research in a way that captures the public and policy maker’s attention. They do this without 'sensationalizing' my findings and without compromising the integrity of the research and this means a great deal to me."
–Professor Phillip Slee, Flinders University

July 2018

“MCERA has been an important avenue in promoting my research to the general public. Our task as public intellectuals is vital in this age of fake news and politically-motivated think tanks driving public policy. MCERA enables evidence based research to impact through its media activities. MCERA are a delight to work with. Highly professional helpful and make my writing look great.”
–Dr David Zyngier
July 2018

"I never had media experience before working with MCERA, and they initiated the first opportunities to share my research in meaningful ways. As a novice they guided me through the process of engaging in the media which has progressively increased my confidence and expertise."
–Dr Katrina Barker, Western Sydney University
May 2018

“MCERA has come to me on several occasions to bring topical issues in the media to my attention that I otherwise might not have seen or known about, providing an opportunity to comment. I’ve also appreciated that they’ve given me the right of refusal on matters that are a little outside of my area. A release they recently wrote with me led to an invitation to write an opinion piece and a podcast interview; it was also quoted by a story printed in major papers. MCERA has also worked with others in the research group I Chair. They’ve been very helpful in getting our group’s findings out to the broader community, and very expert in framing that research so it’s picked up by important stakeholders and audiences. MCERA has also helped to keep our researchers abreast of subsequent media coverage of their work, which is especially useful given universities’ increasing focus on engagement and the importance of keeping track of and demonstrating this engagement.”
–Professor Andrew Martin, University of New South Wales
May 2018

"MCERA assisted me in working with the media in multiple ways from drafting a media release to negotiating with journalists and journal publishers. They helped to make my research palatable, interesting and appealing for a media audience and then supported me through the processes of press and radio. Their support and knowledge through this process was fantastic. In addition, they provided a range of reports on the impact of my media work which is beneficial for future grant applications and employment. I would definitely recommend MCERA’s assistance to other academics."
–Dr Melanie Baak, University of South Australia
May 2018

"MCERA provides a useful platform to communicate our research to the media, lay-audience, and academics, allowing for timely social impact through research. In the recent webinar event about NAPLAN organized by MCERA, prominent Australian academics were able to meet online, share our views with each other, and expand and enrich our thoughts and experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions, and would love to engage with MCERA again in future. My special thanks go to Scott Arthurson who is very dedicated to the mission, and patient with academics like myself who are not familiar with the workings of the media. "
–Associate Professor Jihyun Lee, University of New South Wales
May 2018

"I found MCERA’s support invaluable in helping guide me through the process of engaging with the media. They were available to answer all questions and played a central role in making sure the journalist and journal were on the same page for the release of the research. It was a terrific experience and the coverage of the research speaks highly to MCERA’s expertise. "
–Dr Rebecca Collie, University of New South Wales (UNSW)
May 2018

"MCERA is an asset to the research community in providing an avenue for disseminating research in the public domain. MCERA’s media release of my joint research around children’s problematic sexual behaviour resulted in the research featuring in the SMH, The Melbourne Age and The Advertiser and international media in the UK and NZ. During the preparation of this release MCERA supported my needs around the sensitivity of this topic, providing multiple drafts to ensure the media release accurately represented the research and did not misrepresent my comments. Another media release about bullying by MCERA drew on three studies, including another of my joint research projects, placing my research next to world leaders in the field in this release. Again their communication and support during preparation was outstanding. I place great trust in MCERA in representing my research accurately and professionally which is what I need given the sensitivity of the topics I research. "
Dr Lesley-anne Ey, University of South Australia
May 2018

"I have been approached now on several occasions to participate in major national discussions on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education. The exposure to the national media has been significant and allowed me to be part of major discussions around NAPLAN and Indigenous research. On both occasions, I had follow up calls from the media, and that extended my reach into both the mainstream and regional press/radio. I was well supported by the MCERA office in using the technology, the timing of my commentary, and the best way to present to get the greatest impact. "
–Dr Kevin Lowe, Macquarie University
May 2018

“Working with MCERA has been a real eye-opener for me. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to the readership of research by letting media know about it. That might sound obvious, but for me(as perhaps for many academics), this was big news. Scott from MCERA was a huge help, first in crafting a media release, and then in distributing it to media outlets. As a result of the exposure from MCERA my research has been discussed on radio, in print, and led to requests for follow-up opinion pieces. Aside from all of those tangible outcomes, I really value the fact that it has been my first real taste of “media training” – where in the past I’ve turned down requests to appear on radio, Scott’s helpful advice made me feel comfortable with the medium. I would now know how to write a media release and distribute it on my own if I ever needed to, so many thanks for this excellent service.”
–Dr Nick Kelly, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
April 2018

"MCERA developed my thinking about and approach to public intellectualism through the media. Through writing a media release together, I learned to hone in on and communicate simply and effectively about the most important takeaways from my research. This included advice on how to navigate important questions about the role of banks in financial literacy education and gently challenge ways of thinking that are potentially marginalising for communities experiencing disadvantage and financial hardship. I am now recognised as a unique and leading voice in my field, and am regularly contacted for expert comment. I cannot thank MCERA enough for their mentoring and support – they are so important to the modern academy."
–Dr Carly Sawatzki, University of Canberra
April 2018

"In a very short period of time MCERA have established themselves as the go to organisation for fast, informed responses to education matters in Australia. When [a major STEM issue arose] in NSW last week MCERA were on the phone to me. A media release was drafted, they sent it to me promptly for further refinement, and the next day I did three interviews and one television appearance across four different media outlets. Australians want reliable information sources – especially where education is concerned – and MCERA through their outreach are providing that knowledgeable service."
–Dr Jane Hunter, University of Technology Sydney
April 2018

"In 2017, MCERA worked with me on a press release to respond to a major industry initiative. The press release was picked up and run by major newspapers, regional newspapers, industry publications, and resulted in radio and television interviews over a four month period. The release was commented and re-circulated by social media nationally and internationally. MCERA proved to be a great resource for getting the ideas I wished to communicate into the public domain."
–Associate Professor Shane Pill, Flinders University
January 2018

"I cannot state too much how important MCERA is for academics. It may sometimes be just the initial opening of a door that leads to a hallway full of doors but that support and the profile is always there for the media to pick up on."
Mr David Roy, University of Newcastle
January 2018

"MCERA’s thorough interview about my findings helped me frame them in ways that appeal to the general public. Several media outlets have now contacted me for more information. To me, this is proof that MCERA provides an invaluable service in disseminating current research, knowledgeably, quickly and effectively."
–Dr Madalena Cruz-Ferreira, Independent Scholar
January 2018

“I have to say it was a very positive experience, albeit a busy couple of days! I think that what you are doing there to get research into the public arena is crucial. Many thanks for your help and guidance :)”
–Dr Angelique Howell, University of Queensland

“Following the media release the phone has been ringing off the hook... I can certainly attest to their (MCERA’s) value.”
–Dr Philip Roberts, University of Canberra


"Staff at MCERA are attentive, helpful and plugged into local, state and federal educational developments. They assist withcontacting experts, providing research and arranging events, all of whichimprove our reporting and knowledge of education. Thank you!"
–Michael Fowler, State Politics Reporter, The Age
December 2020

"MCERA has been invaluable in keeping me up to date with thelatest issues and research findings in the education sector and communicatingthem in a professional and accessible way. MCERA staff are also helpful,personable and have developed connections with some of the most renownedexperts in the field. A highly trustworthy source of educational news!"
–Wade Zaglas, Education Editor, APN Educational Media
Dec 2020

"MCERA has been a great resource in my reporting, promptly connecting me with experts who have enriched and better informed many of my stories. It has also been a good source of story ideas, providing me with the opportunity to be first to report on interesting research that is happening around Australia."
–Adam Carey, Education Editor, The Age
May 2020

"MCERA is a fantastic resource for any journalist looking for a one-stop shop for a range of quality experts who can give valuable and accurate information. An enormous help for any education reporter."
–Clare Masters, National Education and Social Affairs Editor, News Corp Australia
January 2020

"Thank you, MCERA, for putting me in contact with great researchers and experts, often at short notice. These people improve stories immeasurably. It's a wonderful service and we are lucky to have it."
–Madeleine Heffernan, Education Reporter, The Age
August 2019

"We have found MCERA's articles to be an extremely valuable resource and, as an education media outlet, are thrilled that the service is available to us. Thanks!"
–Grant Quarry, Managing Editor, EducationHQ
August 2019

“MCERA has been an important source of research-based education stories for The Advertiser in Adelaide. It provides another valuable link between the newspaper and the researchers at South Australian universities. Several of these stories have been placed prominently and therefore attracted wider attention and public discussion on important matters such as bullying.”
–Tim Williams, Education Reporter, The Advertiser
July 2019

"Tracking down experts to comment for articles, particularly in highly niche areas, can be a random and ad hoc process. MCERA is the perfect solution. Not only is the response timely, the recommendations are focused and backed up with relevant background information to help make informed decisions about who to speak to and where to go for more information. Highly recommended."
–Julie Hare, Freelance Journalist
June 2019

"MCERA have been a tremendous resource. During my first few weeks as Education Editor, I've faced several blocks in finding the right experts to write a story on a particular topic. At this point, I would contact MCERA and in less than an hour I'd have a list of names. Several times throughout my weeks on the education desk, I have breathed a sigh of relief only after getting in touch with MCERA."
–Sasha Petrova, Education Editor, The Conversation
April 2019

"Working with the team at MCERA has been a terrific way of finding experts to give information and opinion on a range of education issues, often at short notice. From advice for parents to commentary on Government policy, MCERA has helped me find an academic or expert with the background and qualifications to give great information."
–William McDonald, Presenter, Nine News
October 2018

"It's often easy for journalists to rely on the same expert voices over and over again, especially when a deadline is looming. MCERA prevents this from happening. It has put me in touch with education academics from across Australia who have provided thoughtful, articulate and timely responses to a range of issues I've been writing about. It has also sent me interesting research which I've enjoyed reporting on. Thank-you!"
Henrietta Cook, Education Editor, The Age
July 2018

"The team at MCERA have been very helpful in finding important research and education experts from across the country. As well as identifying timely studies and papers, they're always able to put me in touch with academics to discuss various issues, often at very short notice. And it's always a pleasure working with them!"
–Pallavi Singhal, Education Reporter, The Sydney Morning Herald
April 2018

''Thank you very much for your help. This is extremely thorough, helpful and insightful.''
–Stefanie Balogh, Education Writer, The Australian